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Shamanism (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating: 4.9     Language: English    Instructor: Gudrun Silvestre


This course gives you an impression about what shamanic work is. How do you create a space that makes healing possible? How do you hold space? I explain, how to see and transform energies, how to travel in other worlds and how to clear fields and energy systems. You learn how to activate inner life changing processes and may feels the initiation of your own. You learn everything about purification as the first step. For navigating gracefully through your further process I introduce important shamanic tools like incense and powerful healing plants.

A shaman is able to see things, facts, energies and emotions, other people cannot see. They can feel into the energy system of another person. So they can help them to dissolve conflicts, for example, by guiding them into their issues and showing them tools and the way out of their conflicts. That can be intense inner journeys that often lead to inner realizations and wisdom. We learn as we grow. We all have the gift inside us to support other people in our unique way, guided by love and a pure intention. We reach our abilities by working on ourselves. The way we discovered and that actually works, we can show to others.

Find your own abilities in this course, actually find your magic and whole being in this deep spiritual tradition. You may realize what kind of power you carry insight and what your gift is you want to share with the world. It´s all about consciousness. Explore the universe and see what´s possible to grow and free yourself from inner limitations and beliefs.

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