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Salesforce Administration (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating: 4.1     Language: English    Instructor: surbhi sanghavi


This course covers all salesforce fundamentals and salesforce administration topics. It is for people who are willing to learn new technology or who wants to pursue their career in salesforce technology. After learning the course student will be able to gain all the theoretical and practical knowledge for Salesforce administration as each concept is explained with one practical example performed in salesforce org. Also those who wants to become Salesforce Administrator Certified can also opt for the exam after completing this course.

Salesforce is an emerging technology and has lot of demmand in market. After gaining all the knowlege of salesforce administration through this course one can start learning efficiently for salesforce development. I personally feel salesforce is comparatively easier to learn as you don't need setup for performing out of the box functionality and  most development work.

I have explained each and every topic in detail and also the video length of each video kept shorter to make course efficient and easy to learn. Also doing hands on while you are making progress in course is so important otherwise you will not get exact steps , so short exercise will be given in every section which needs to be performed by Student.

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