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Product Marketing Launch Plan: Product GTM with Dekker, MBA (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating:     Language: English    Instructor: Dekker Fraser, MBA, Jyra Galosmo


Create a breakthrough go-to-market product marketing plan in just a few days ... using this 7-step formula!

“Going to market is just the process of convincing people that your new way is better than the status quo.”

In 3,2,1…product launch, Dekker Fraser and Spencer Grover offer marketing professionals and entrepreneurs proven and cutting-edge guidance for launching new products and getting ready to go-to-market, employing the latest marketing tactics emerging from Silicon Valley and the foundational thinking from top business schools.

In their 17 years of hand-on success launching tech products and organizing digital product launches for well-known companies like Sony, Salesforce, and the Google-backed Rocket Lawyer, the authors learned valuable real-time lessons that have been incorporated into their game-changing go-to-market marketing plan.

In this powerful product management launch blueprint and marketing plan, you will learn:

  • The 7 key pillars of any successful go-to-market strategy, including target audience identification, developing value proposition models, building a product launch team, messaging and copywriting, demand generation, marketing mix and product pricing.

  • The 5 Cs of target market composition

  • Powerful tools for customer segmentation marketing and targeting

  • How to determine potential demand with market sizing

  • How to generate the maximum demand for your product launch

  • How to develop a comprehensive marketing plan

  • Proven methods for determining your optimum product price

  • Common product launch problems and how to address them

  • Marketing strategy

  • Product owner marketing plan

  • GTM (go-to-market) plans

  • Go to market strategy

  • Startup marketing

  • Lead generation

  • Business management

  • Marketing management

  • Market plan

  • MBA level product marketing management & outbound product management

Do you want to get your new product in front of millions of buyers? Stop the search today and order the go-to-market blueprint that you need to succeed today.


- Value proposition design

- Product management for going to market

- Value proposition calculation

- Digital strategy

- How to be a successful entrepreneur and how to launch a business

- Go-to-market planning and go-to-market strategy (comprehensive go to market details)

- The secrets of selling products the Silicon Valley way

- Product pricing

- Marketing strategy

- Marketing management

- Software marketing

- Growth hacking

- How to develop a SaaS marketing plan

- Lean startup marketing for product launches

- Product owner skills

- Advanced, MBA level product marketing

- How to develop a go-to-market business plan

- SaaS product marketing management

- Digital go to market strategy & general go to market marketing

"One of the best product marketing courses on the market!"

"The ultimate guide to developing a marketing plan to go to market!"

  • Business Development for Startups and Tech Companies

  • Startups

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Tech Startups

  • Startup Growth Strategies

  • Startup Marketing

  • Product Management

  • Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses

  • Digital Marketing for Startups

  • Marketing for Tech Companies

  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing for SaaS

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Product Management Marketing

  • Tech Startups

  • Marketing Software

  • MBA Marketing

  • SaaS Sales

  • SaaS Marketing

  • SaaS Startup

  • SaaS Business

  • How to Start a SaaS or Mobile App Business

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