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Cyber Security Uncovered: From Basics to Complexity (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

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1. Cybersecurity is a broad concept. Comment.

2. What is meant by Network security?

3. Which are some key aspects of network security?

4. What is meant by Network access control?

5. What is Network segmentation?

6. What is meant by Firewall?

7. What is the benefit of Virtual Private Network?

8. What is the purpose of Intrusion Detection and prevention system?

9. What is meant by wireless network security?

10. Why wireless networks are inherently more prone to attacks than wired networks?

11. Which measures can be taken for wireless network security?

12. What is meant by encryption?

13. What is the benefit of strong authentication mechanisms?

14. What is meant by firmware?

15. What is WPS button?

16. What is meant by Web Security?

17. What measures can be taken to ensure web security?

18. What is the full form of HTTPS? What is the usage of HTTPS?

19. What do you mean by strong password policies?

20. What is meant by mobile security?

21. What measures can be taken to ensure mobile security?

22. From where should we download mobile apps?

23. What is meant by App Permissions Management?

24. What is the purpose of Mobile Device Security Software?

25. What is the benefit of secure data backup and storage?

26. What is meant by remote tracking?

27. What is the benefit of enabling remote wiping feature on mobile device?

28. What is meant by incident response?

29. Incident response team includes representatives from different departments. Comment.

30. What is the responsibility of incident response team?

31. Why incident response plan is important?

32. What are the key steps involved in the incident response process?

33. What is the benefit of conducting post-incident review?

34. What do you know about the recovery phase of incident response process?

35. How can we regularly update incident response plan?

36. What is meant by cybersecurity compliance?

37. What happens if the organization does not comply with cybersecurity regulations?

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