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Digital Safety: Cyber Security Essentials & Myths (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

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  1. What is the meaning of Cybersecurity?

  2. What is ultimate aim of cybersecurity?

  3. How may new malwares are created everyday?

  4. What is the most common motivation behind data breaches?

  5. How many percentage of data breaches involve a human element?

  6. How much cyberattacks out of all cyberattacks are committed against small to midsize businesses?

  7. Why should we update our software and operating system?

  8. We should use only reliable security software. Why?

  9. How can we impart training and create awareness in our employees regarding cybersecurity?

  10. What are those points which we should keep in mind with regard to creation or use of passwords?

  11. Why should we be cautious if the email comes from unknown sender?

  12. What is the need to regularly backup our data?

  13. Why should we uninstall unnecessary software from our computers?

  14. How to recognize that a particular site is a secure site?

  15. What is the benefit of inserting firewalls?

  16. Why should we educate ourselves about online threats?

  17. What is meant by two-factor authentication in cybersecurity?

  18. What is patch management?

  19. Why there is need to exercise care while visiting social networking sites?

  20. Cybersecurity measures protect the sensitive data from whom?

  21. Cybersecurity is important in today’s digital world due to various reasons. What are those?

  22. How cybersecurity measures help in preserving brand reputation?

  23. Why the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow?

  24. Whether all the industries are at equal risk from cyber criminals? Comment.

  25. Individuals and small industries are not entirely risk free from cyber attacks. Why?

  26. It is a mistake to believe that you are of no interest to cyber attackers. Comment.

  27. What are the various benefits of cybersecurity measures?

  28. Whether Cybersecurity measures inspire confidence in your customers? Comment.

  29. How cybersecurity measures enhance national security?

  30. Cybersecurity measures help in continuity of business operations. Comment.

  31. How cybersecurity measures are beneficial for mental health?

  32. What are some common consequences of a cyber attack?

  33. Cyber attack can cause financial losses to individuals and organizations. Comment.

  34. How cyber attack damages an organization’s reputation?

  35. How a cyber attack can result in the legal and regulatory consequences?

  36. Does a cyber attack has psychological and emotional impact on individuals who fall victim to cyber attack?

  37. Why the consequences of a cyber attack can differ from organization to organization?

  38. Which are the common cyber threats?

  39. What is meant by malware. How it spreads?

  40. What is meant by SQL Injection? Why it is used by cyber criminals?

  41. What is the full form of MITM attacks? What is the purpose of MITM attack?

  42. How do DoS and DDoS attacks disrupt the normal functioning of a computer system, network or website?

  43. What is meant by Insider Threats? What is the motive of the insider attacker?

  44. What is meant by Phishing?

  45. Cybercriminals are only outsiders? Comment.

  46. Whether antivirus/anti-malware provide complete protection to our computer system?

  47. What is the need of changing passwords on a regular basis when we have strong passwords?

  48. The use of strong passwords is only the start of cyber security measures. Comment.

  49. Whether cybersecurity is the responsibility of the IT Department alone?

  50. Do you agree with the statement that an ordinary individual need not worry about cybersecurity? Comment.

  51. Cybercriminals do not target small and medium sized businesses. Comment.

  52. Whether BYOD is secure and safe from the cybersecurity point of view?

  53. What is meant by cybercrime?

  54. What are the various reasons for which the cyber criminals may launch cyber attacks?

  55. What is meant by Hacktivism?

  56. Some individuals do hacking only for recognition. Comment.

  57. Why do some nation states carry out cyber attacks?

  58. What are the various steps which can be taken by you if your computer system becomes infected?

  59. Do you agree with the statement that prevention is the key when it comes to computer infections.

  60. After 2020 pandemic, more people are working from home. Discuss it from the angle of cyber security.

  61. What is meant by targeted ransomware attack?

  62. How do the cyber criminals select their targets for targeted ransomware attack?

  63. What is the purpose of cyber criminals behind targeted ransomware attack?

  64. What is meant by Zero-day flaw?

  65. When zero-day flaw comes known to the public?

  66. What is meant by social engineering?

  67. What is meant by spear phishing? What is the goal of spear phishing?

  68. Insider Threats are on the rise? Comment.

  69. What is meant by an insider threat?

  70. Which are those industries which are worst hit by insider threats?

  71. What is meant by cloud with reference to cyber security?

  72. Why cloud has become an attractive target for cybercriminals?

  73. What are the top threats faced by the organizations in the cloud?

  74. What should the organizations do to protect their cloud-based data?

  75. IoT devices are increasing year by year. Comment with reference to cyber security.

  76. Why the demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing?

  77. Cyber insurance instantly solves all your cyber security issues? Comment.

  78. What is meant by zero trust architecture?

  79. Mobile is the new target of cyber criminals. Why?

  80. What is meant by BYOD?

  81. Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of cybersecurity. Comment.

  82. What is the benefit of blockchain technology?

  83. What is meant by DevSecOps?

  84. What is homomorphic encryption?

  85. What is the goal of post-quantum cryptography?

  86. What is the benefit of biometric technologies?

  87. What is the benefit of EDR solutions?

  88. Cybersecurity is a broad concept. Comment.

  89. What is meant by Network security?

  90. Which are some key aspects of network security?

  91. What is meant by Network access control?

  92. What is Network segmentation?

  93. What is meant by Firewall?

  94. What is the benefit of Virtual Private Network?

  95. What is the purpose of Intrusion Detection and prevention system?

  96. What is meant by wireless network security?

  97. Why wireless networks are inherently more prone to attacks than wired networks?

  98. Which measures can be taken for wireless network security?

  99. What is meant by encryption?

  100. What is the benefit of strong authentication mechanisms?

  101. What is meant by firmware?

  102. What is WPS button?

  103. What is meant by Web Security?

  104. What measures can be taken to ensure web security?

  105. What is the full form of HTTPS? What is the usage of HTTPS?

  106. What do you mean by strong password policies?

  107. What is meant by mobile security?

  108. What measures can be taken to ensure mobile security?

  109. From where should we download mobile apps?

  110. What is meant by App Permissions Management?

  111. What is the purpose of Mobile Device Security Software?

  112. What is the benefit of secure data backup and storage?

  113. What is meant by remote tracking?

  114. What is the benefit of enabling remote wiping feature on mobile device?

  115. What is meant by incident response?

  116. Incident response team includes representatives from different departments. Comment.

  117. What is the responsibility of incident response team?

  118. Why incident response plan is important?

  119. What are the key steps involved in the incident response process?

  120. What is the benefit of conducting post-incident review?

  121. What do you know about the recovery phase of incident response process?

  122. How can we regularly update incident response plan?

  123. What is meant by cybersecurity compliance?

  124. What happens if the organization does not comply with cybersecurity regulations?

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