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Consulting Business Growth with Dekker: Get More Clients! (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating: 4.4     Language: English    Instructor: Dekker Fraser, MBA, Jyra Galosmo


Learn how to grow a highly successful and profitable consulting business -- whether you're a freelance consultant or run a consulting firm. This course is based on academic research, advice I learned from top consultants at companies such as McKinsey, as well as my own personal in the consulting business.

Key consulting lessons in this course:

  • The #1 most successful growth strategy for consulting firms and freelance consultants

  • Consulting specialization workbook with the 4 ways to specialize

  • PhD research on what drives growth in the most successful professional service firms

  • Achieving pricing power and competitive advantage in the competitive consulting business

  • How to acquire consulting clients cheaply through automated emails and other techniques

  • How to become a trusted advisor to your clients

  • How to scale your consulting business quickly, cheaply, and profitably

  • How to price your consulting business services to maximize profits

  • How to persuade prospective clients to buy your consulting services--and to keep buying your services

  • Various approaches to client acquisition that don't break the bank

  • Best practices from top management consulting firms such as McKinsey and AT Kearney

My consulting credentials:

  • Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management

  • Former VP of Marketing, Division Director, and Board Director

  • Learned from some of the highest paid consultants in the USA from companies such as McKinsey and AT Kearney

  • Experience as an independent consultant and as a Fortune 100 employee

Build a Highly Profitable, Fast Growing Consulting Business | Based on Academic Research & Direct Experience of an MBA

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