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Complete Stress Management (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating: 2.2     Language: English    Instructor: Rahul Monga


“ Life isn’t fair.” We all know  , but how many us live as we mean it. We still complain, argue, fight for what according to our beliefs is right. Take a journey into your core and see how you can eradicate stress. Not with any fancy technology or superfood, but with your own awareness. No need to create an instability within you that can easily boil over into completely inappropriate and undesirable reactions the next time stress hits. If you are using all of your emotional energy to keep your head above water, you just don’t have anything left to deal with new or unexpected stressors. Wake up and begin the day in a calm, non-stressed frame of mind like you want to, and navigate your day in a more relaxed mood. Create space between the stressor and your reaction where you can reframe and calm your thoughts.  Become a happy, loving person you want to be even when unexpected stress hits.

* Identify your common stressors

* Learn simple, easily workable techniques to deal with stress instead of just stuffing it down

* Practice actionable steps to lessen stress by this time next week

* Develop emotional strength to face new stresses

* Access the peace you are craving.

No equipment needed.

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