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Complete Beginner's Guide to Economics ( + Taylor Swift Ec.) (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating: 0.0     Language: English    Instructor: Chris Sivewright


This is the complete beginners guide for those new to Economics. It's not just a course with key information but one that makes you think, encourages you to apply, to monitor current events, to 'see' economics where previously you may just have seen 'fan hysteria'.

It's a unique course. an interesting course. a current course (June 2024). a course that is immediately relevant but contains principles that if followed will equip you to continue learning about economics long after finishing the course - and without making any conscious effort.

So what exactly WILL you learn?

  • Strategies for learning

  • Swift learning

  • Key concepts

  • Analysis of unemployment and other macroeconomic objectives

  • Ethics of capitalism

  • Case studies on micro and macroeconomics

Key to this course is the level of Instructor interaction. Work is set - homework, studies, case studies, websites - and students are encouraged not just to report back but to discuss, to exchange ideas. to ask and answer questions. To evaluate.

And all the while there is a high level of interaction with the Instructor - lifetime access. On other courses run by the same Instructor there are 5,000+ posts.

This course is just the beginning - and it is from beginnings such as this (course) that progress, over a period of time, is far.

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