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AI-Powered Social Media 2024: ChatGPT, Gemini, DALL-E + Ads (Limit : 1000 Enrollment)

Rating: 4.4     Language: English    Instructor: Ing. Tomas Moravek


Unlock the Future of Digital Creativity for Social Media with ChatGPT & Gemini AI: A Comprehensive Online Course

Dive into the world where innovation meets communication, and technology bridges the gap between thought and expression. Welcome to our groundbreaking course designed to introduce you to the transformative powers of ChatGPT and Gemini AI. This immersive journey is not just about learning; it's about experiencing the future of digital interaction and creativity.

Course Overview

Embark on a path of discovery and mastery over the most advanced AI technologies today. Our course is meticulously structured to guide you through the intricacies of ChatGPT and Gemini AI, from their fundamental principles to their most sophisticated applications. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore AI-driven content creation or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your digital marketing strategies, this course offers invaluable insights and practical skills that span across various digital platforms.

What You Will Learn

  • Foundational Knowledge: Understand the core concepts of ChatGPT and Gemini AI, their evolution, and their impact on digital content creation and communication.

  • Interactive Learning Experience: Get hands-on with the interfaces of ChatGPT and Gemini AI, learn to customize prompts and instructions, and discover how to leverage these tools for success in your digital endeavors.

  • Strategic Social Media Application: Craft compelling social media strategies, harness the power of influencers, and stay ahead of emerging trends to keep your audience engaged and growing.

  • YouTube Mastery: Dive deep into using ChatGPT for enhancing your YouTube marketing, from creating engaging descriptions and titles to discovering and analyzing ranking videos with Gemini AI and VidIQ.

  • Video Creation Unleashed: Explore the seamless integration of ChatGPT with video creation platforms like InVideo, Pika Art, and Sora to produce captivating videos ranging from short social media clips to detailed tutorials and presentations.

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing: Gain insights into creating a cohesive online presence with lectures on YouTube Channel management, TikTok marketing, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and much more.

  • Innovative Design and Branding: Master the art of visual content creation with ChatGPT's DALL-E, create complete branding with Looka AI, and design engaging social media ads.

  • SEO and Content Marketing: Elevate your content with SEO best practices and innovative strategies using ChatGPT and Gemini AI for platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, and Twitter X.

  • Practical Application and Case Studies: Through real-world examples, step-by-step guides, and interactive assignments, apply what you've learned to actual digital marketing scenarios, enhancing your understanding and skills.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering a wide range of topics, from AI-driven content creation to digital marketing strategies across multiple platforms, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital age.

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from seasoned professionals and experts in digital marketing and AI technology, offering you insights gained from years of experience and success in the field.

  • Interactive and Engaging Content: With high-quality animated video explainers, screen recordings, and downloadable resources, the course is designed to keep you engaged and facilitate effective learning.

  • Community and Support: Join a vibrant community of learners and professionals in our exclusive Facebook group, where you can share experiences, ask questions, and find support throughout your learning journey.

Your Path to Digital Mastery Starts Here

Whether you aim to revolutionize your business's online presence, master the art of AI-driven content creation, or simply immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ChatGPT and Gemini AI, this course offers a comprehensive, engaging, and insightful journey into the future of digital creativity. Enroll now and unlock your potential to shape the digital landscape.

Section 1: Introduction into ChatGPT & Gemini AI

Dive into the world of AI with an introductory session on ChatGPT and Gemini AI. This section offers a warm welcome, an overview of the vast resources available, and animated explainers that lay the foundation for using AI in social media. Discover the capabilities of ChatGPT and Gemini AI, setting the stage for advanced learning and application in real-world scenarios.

Section 2: ChatGPT for Beginners - Interface, Prompting, Custom Instructions

Uncover the basics of interacting with ChatGPT. Learn to navigate its interface, use efficient prompting techniques, and apply custom instructions to maximize the effectiveness of your AI endeavors. Explore the advantages of using generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs) over traditional plugins, and discover emerging trends and opportunities with Gemini AI to stay ahead in the social media game.

Section 3: Efficient Prompting, Social Media Strategy, Influencers, Emerging Trends

In this section, master the art of efficient prompting to tailor your social media strategies, engage influencers, and tap into emerging trends. Learn to harness AI for crafting personalized, impactful social media campaigns that resonate with your target audience and amplify your brand's online presence.

Section 4: YouTube Descriptions, Discovering Ranking Videos with Gemini AI, ChatGPT & VidIQ

Elevate your YouTube marketing strategy with AI insights. This section guides you through creating compelling video descriptions, discovering high-ranking videos and channels with Gemini AI, and leveraging ChatGPT and VidIQ for enhanced YouTube marketing. Learn to optimize your video titles, tags, and thumbnails in just a few minutes, and stay on top of trending content on YouTube.

Section 5: Video Creation with ChatGPT & InVideo, Pika Art, Video Poet, Sora

Unlock the potential of AI in video creation. From short social media clips to longer content, discover how ChatGPT, InVideo, Pika Art, Google Video Poet, and Sora can help you create stunning videos with ease. This section delves into the practical applications of these tools, enabling you to produce high-quality, engaging videos that capture your audience's attention.

Mastering Video Platforms & Podcasting with AI

Section 6: YouTube Channel, YouTube Studio, YouTube Live, & Podcasting

Navigate the world of YouTube with ease. From setting up a branded YouTube channel to customizing it for maximum appeal, this section covers it all. Dive deep into YouTube Studio to understand video uploads, tagging, and analytics. Learn to create engaging playlists, utilize YouTube Live for real-time interaction, and even incorporate podcasting into your YouTube strategy.

Mastering Video Platforms & Podcasting with AI

Section 7: TikTok Reels, TikTok Marketing, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels

Short-form content is king in today's fast-paced digital world. Uncover the secrets to creating viral content on TikTok, mastering YouTube Shorts, and engaging audiences with Instagram and Facebook Reels. This section equips you with the strategies and insights to captivate viewers across platforms.

Innovative Visual Content Creation with AI

Section 8: ChatGPT DALL-E Image Creation, Looka Branding Creation, Ads AI Creation

Elevate your visual content creation with the power of AI. Learn to generate stunning images with ChatGPT DALL-E, create cohesive branding with Looka, and design captivating ads with AI tools. This section teaches you to harness AI for creating visuals that stand out in the crowded social media landscape.

Leveraging Pinterest & SEO for Amplified Reach

Section 9: Pinterest + SEO Marketing with ChatGPT & Google Gemini AI

Pinterest isn't just a social platform; it's a powerful search engine for visual content. Combine the prowess of ChatGPT and Google Gemini AI to optimize your Pinterest strategy, enhancing titles, descriptions, and hashtags for better SEO. This section reveals how to maximize your content's visibility and engagement.

Content Marketing Mastery on Reddit & Quora

Section 10: Reddit & Quora Marketing, Content Writing with ChatGPT & Gemini AI

Delve into the art of content marketing on Reddit and Quora. Use ChatGPT and Gemini AI to craft compelling content that sparks discussions and drives traffic. From engaging Reddit threads to informative Quora answers, this section guides you through reaching new audiences and establishing thought leadership.

Navigating the Dynamics of X (Formerly Twitter) and Local Marketing

Section 11: X (Formerly Twitter) Marketing with ChatGPT & Google Gemini AI

Master the art of engaging audiences on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Learn to craft compelling posts and utilize hashtags effectively with the help of ChatGPT and Google Gemini AI. This section provides a comprehensive guide to maximizing your impact on X, leveraging animated explainers and screen recording guides for clarity and precision.

Section 12: Google My Business with ChatGPT

Unlock the full potential of local marketing with Google My Business, guided by ChatGPT. Discover strategies for optimizing your listings, crafting in-depth posts, and enhancing your local search visibility. This section is crucial for businesses aiming to dominate local search results and attract more customers.

Strategic Social Media Planning and Content Creation

Section 13: Social Media Planning, Creating Buyer Persona & Sheets Export

Dive into social media planning with a focus on creating detailed buyer personas. Utilize ChatGPT for an analytical approach to understanding your audience and planning your content strategy. Learn to export your plans directly to Google Sheets, streamlining your workflow and ensuring consistency across your campaigns.

Innovative Content Generation for Facebook

Section 14: Facebook Marketing with ChatGPT & Gemini AI - 10x Post Ideas in One Minute

Transform your Facebook marketing with the power of ChatGPT and Google Gemini AI. Generate engaging post ideas rapidly, explore the Facebook Ads Library, and master copywriting techniques specifically designed for social media. This section is a treasure trove for marketers looking to enhance their Facebook strategy and engagement.

Enhancing Instagram Presence with AI

Section 15: Instagram Marketing, Carousel & Meta Ads with ChatGPT & Google Gemini AI

Elevate your Instagram marketing with advanced strategies for carousel posts, multi-language content, and Meta Ads, all powered by ChatGPT and Google Gemini AI. Learn to write scripts for Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, leveraging AI for creative and impactful content that resonates with your audience.

Mastering Meta for Comprehensive Business Management

Section 16: Meta for Business [Business Manager, Facebook Page, Meta Suite]

Unlock the full potential of Meta's suite of business tools with comprehensive guides on managing your Facebook Business Page, Meta Business Suite, and Meta Business Manager. This section offers screen recordings and introductions to streamline your social media management, ensuring you make the most of Meta's platforms for your business growth.

Optimizing with Meta Data Sources for Precision Marketing

Section 17: Meta Data Sources [Pixel, Conversion AI]

Dive deep into Meta's powerful data sources, including Pixel and Conversion API, to refine your marketing strategies. Learn through step-by-step guides on installation across platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WordPress, and understand how to test events for maximizing your ad performance and tracking conversions with precision.

Leveraging Meta Ads for Strategic Advertising

Section 18: Meta Ads Objectives & Ads Guide & Meta AI Targeting

Explore the heart of Meta advertising with an in-depth look at ad objectives, guided by face-to-face explanations, screen recordings, and study guides. Gain insights into the Sales Objective PlayBook from Meta and discover modern ad formats, pictures, videos, reels, including inspiration and examples to enhance your campaigns. This section introduces Meta Advantage+ Audience, offering advanced AI targeting options for reaching your ideal customers.

Structuring Campaigns for Maximum Impact

Section 19: Meta Ads Manager & Campaign Structure

Master the Meta Ads Manager to structure your campaigns effectively. This lecture covers everything from setting up campaigns to optimizing their structure for better reach and engagement, ensuring you're equipped to launch successful ad campaigns on Meta platforms.

Advanced Targeting with Meta AI

Section 20: Meta Audiences, Meta AI+ Targeting, Meta+ AI Functions

Maximize your ad performance with advanced targeting strategies using Meta AI. Learn about creating specific audiences, utilizing detailed targeting options, and leveraging the power of Meta Advantage+ for placements and creative strategies. This section provides the tools and knowledge to reach your audience more efficiently and effectively.

Elevating Local Businesses with Meta Advertising

Section 21: Meta Advertising for Local Business

Dive into Meta advertising specifically tailored for local businesses. Learn the nuts and bolts of setting up effective ad campaigns through screen-recorded tutorials, including A/B testing strategies to determine the most effective ads for your local audience. This section is designed to help local businesses maximize their reach and engagement on Meta platforms.

Exploring the Power of Meta Broad Targeting

Section 22: Meta Broad Targeting & Special Ad Categories

Uncover the potential of broad targeting on Meta, including special ad categories for sensitive sectors like employment. Through explanations and screen recordings, learn how to use broad targeting effectively to reach a wider, yet relevant, audience and navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of advertising jobs and employment opportunities.

Mastering Lead Generation on Meta

Section 23: Meta Advertising for Lead Generation

Master the art of lead generation with Meta, focusing on optimizing your website for lead capture using cost cap and dynamic creative strategies. Explore A/B testing and other experiments to enhance your campaign's performance, and discover how to use Meta's Advantage Campaign Budget+ for efficient lead generation.

Boosting E-Commerce with Strategic Meta Advertising

Section 24: Meta Advertising for E-Commerce Tailor your e-commerce advertising efforts for success with Meta. This section covers everything from campaign planning and overview, ROI calculations, engaging potential customers, to optimizing budgets and campaign strategies. Learn through hands-on tutorials how to overcome common e-commerce advertising struggles and achieve sales success.

Unlocking the Potential of Meta AI

Section 25: Overview of Meta AI Functions

Gain insight into the cutting-edge AI functions available on Meta, designed to enhance your advertising and marketing efforts. This lecture provides a comprehensive overview of how Meta's AI functions can revolutionize the way you target, engage, and convert your audience on social media platforms.

Navigating Meta Insights and LinkedIn's Power

Section 26: Meta Reporting

Unlock the power of data with Meta Reporting. Learn how to navigate Meta's reporting features to gain actionable insights into your campaigns. Through explanations and practical examples, understand how to interpret campaign performance to refine your strategies and achieve better outcomes.

Mastering LinkedIn Advertising

Section 27: LinkedIn Advertising

Step into the world of LinkedIn Advertising. From an introduction to LinkedIn's unique advertising landscape to setting up and summarizing your ads, this section guides you through the process of creating effective LinkedIn campaigns that target professionals and businesses.

Optimizing LinkedIn with AI Tools

Section 28: LinkedIn Profile, Content & Topics with ChatGPT & Gemini AI

Leverage AI to transform your LinkedIn presence. Discover the power of an active approach, managing tasks, and exercising diligence through ChatGPT and Gemini AI. Use LinkedIn templates, find trending topics, and create high-quality content to elevate your LinkedIn strategy.

Elevating Professional Growth on LinkedIn

Section 29: Negotiating Higher Salary & LinkedIn Profile Optimization with ChatGPT

Negotiate higher salaries and optimize your LinkedIn profile with the help of ChatGPT. Learn to articulate your value, craft an inspiring personal story, and rewrite your experience section to captivate your audience. This section is the key to unlocking your full professional potential on LinkedIn.

Unleashing the Future of Social Media: Embrace the AI Revolution

In the dynamic world of social media, the key to standing out lies in embracing the power of artificial intelligence. AI-Powered Social Media isn't just a course—it's your passport to mastering the future of digital engagement. Under the guidance of the renowned Ing. Tomas Moravek, this course unfolds across 29 comprehensive sections, each crafted to showcase how AI technologies like ChatGPT, Gemini AI, and DALL-E are revolutionizing social media marketing and advertising.

But what sets this course apart?

It's where cutting-edge technology meets practical application. Where the insights from AI tools are transformed into actionable strategies for social media dominance. From generating engaging content with ChatGPT to decoding the complexities of Meta advertising with Gemini AI, each module is designed to equip you with the skills needed to navigate and excel in the AI-augmented social media landscape.

So, are you ready to redefine your approach to social media?

To leverage AI not just as a tool, but as an ally in crafting compelling, impactful digital narratives? Step into the future with us, where AI's potential is unlocked, and every social media campaign becomes a testament to innovation.

Enroll now and embark on your journey to AI-enhanced social media mastery. The future is bright, and it begins here, with you at the helm of the next digital revolution.

Ing. Tomas Moravek,

Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Marketing Expert

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